[CQ-Contest] Driving at 4AM

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Wed Feb 11 11:50:23 EST 2009

You obviously have an axe-to-grind and you are demonstrating, taking
your frustrations out on the HOBBY of contesting.  You have it totally
backwards - I feel sorry for you, not you for me.  If you want to take
issue with your 'loss' of freedom of choice, then take issue with
something of real significance.  Why pick on a hobby?  Is this the only
place you can possibly win a fight?  If you feel so right in your
decision, why do you keep coming back again and again to defend it?
I compared your posting below with your original posting and only the
last paragraph in your original posting compares favourably with your
current revealed thinking.
A local talk show host made the statement "Everything controversial is
going to be spun".  And it's proven over and over.
Personally, I don't give a damn if you submit your log or not, it has
always been your choice, so quit beating a dead horse with your issue.
IF, If I had been one of the 6Y1V operators, I would have protested your
personal decision.  


Life is not a spectator sport. 

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Of course I did nothing wrong. 

But public opinion does not make it right for CQ Magazine to publish my
personal property without my consent. That IS the issue. It is solely a
principle issue, nothing more nothing less. For those that think I have
a hidden agenda, I feel sorry for you.

I suspect if CQ asked, most would not object to opening their logs, but
they aren't asking, they are forcing it upon people.

The only reason I elected to withhold my log is because I am likely one
of the few that could impact the adjudication process and even that's
questionable, however, the statement is solid. What impact would ten
6Y1V sized logs withheld have on the adjudication process?

For those that worried about people being able to put me us the log
without having worked us, I waited until after the submission deadline
to make my announcement. For those that think we must be cheating, I
will release the logs after the contest results are published.
Basically, every single person that publicly denounced my action holds
no merit. Why? Because they think the issue MUST be something other than
personal freedom.

We have already seen the results of opening logs. Accusations of
cheating, theft of strategy, to name a few. For what? So a few people
can sleep better at night?

Everywhere we turn today, someone is chipping away at our freedom of
choice while most standby idle and do nothing.

When there are no more choices and everything is decided for us, then

David ~ KY1V

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