[CQ-Contest] HA-DX logs - 2.

HADX Contestmanager contestmanager at mrasz.axelero.net
Thu Feb 12 06:49:50 EST 2009

I'd like to inform the contesting community that we've already received 
1114 electronic logs for the HA-DX 2009 contest
(EU: 954 (including HA: 138), AS: 91, NA: 43, AF: 12, OC: 7, SA: 7)

And I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who already has sent 
her/his log.

I also want to encourage the others to submit their logs by 18th 
February even if only few QSOs were made in the contest. The HA-DX contest
was organized on the weekend of 17-18th January.

There are 3 ways of sending logs:
   1. Cabrillo logs can be sent to hadx at mrasz.axelero.net as e-mail 
   2. Cabrillo log content can be pasted into a text editor on the home 
page of the contest: http://www.ha-dx.com
   3. In case someone cannot or doesn't want to create Cabrillo log 
there is a handy log editor on the contest home page where the QSOs can 
be typed.

In case of any questions or problems don't hesitate to send me a mail to 
contestmanager at mrasz.axelero.net

Best 73 to everyone,
Tibor Finta

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