[CQ-Contest] Stand-up operating position

WT2P - Cedrick (Fred) Johnson cedrickj at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 14:09:07 EST 2009

I know of at least one trading firm who tried that general idea. Build 
the trading terminals so that the electronic guys who normally sit for 
6-7 hours a day stand to do their trading. It helped quite a few 
maintain focus. Perhaps you could take a hybrid approach, I know there 
are some desks out there which will allow you to transform from a 
sitting position to a standing position quite easily. The URL for the 
one in particular that I saw escapes me now and I'm not at my main 
computer with all the links.

I was thinking of the same idea for myself (to increase focus, not for 
back issues though)


Pete Smith wrote:
> Has anyone ever built a stand-up operating desk for contesting?  I have a 
> pinched nerve in my back which gets very sore if I adopt my usual 
> "contester's crouch" for any period of time.  I find it is much better if I 
> stand up, which inspires me to wonder if, short of surgery, I could try 
> operating contests standing, at least part of the time.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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