[CQ-Contest] Skimmer and NA CW sprints

José Nunes CT1BOH ct1boh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 14:56:39 EST 2009

This last NA CW Sprint, I was at home, and decided to have a go at it in a
different way.
With my 25 meter long wire from the top of the 11th store building to the
next building I sat on 40 with my K3 and with CW skimmer.

It was amazing having a look real time and visual "film" how people operate
the sprint.
Skimmer gave me a visual look at CW NA Sprint like I never had before (being
the first time I did this with the K3 and CW Skimmer)

I remember noting N5TR frantic activity on my screen.
Because he had a very strong signal, whenever he replied to someone or
called CQ I could immediately spot his dits and dats and read his call (yes
reading the dots and dats) all over the place
-.   .....  -   .-.

I could spot his strategy on the entire 40 meter band.
I wish I had video recorded this to show you all.
Now that the claimed results are out it is with no surprise that I see him
on top of the list.

I suggest you try this once - visual NA CW Sprint with CW Skimmer panadapter
- It is indeed a learning experiece for perfectioning
I remember I post this way back before I had a K3 and CW Skimmer

73 José
CONTEST CT1BOH - http://www.qsl.net/ct1boh

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