[CQ-Contest] 2009 CQ WPX RTTY Points Rule

J. Edward (Ed) Muns w0yk at msn.com
Mon Feb 16 09:01:15 EST 2009

Same country QSOs earn one (1) point for 10/15/20 meter contacts and two (2)
points for 40/80 meter contacts.  There has been no change from prior years
and logging software does not need to be changed.  There was a typo in rule
VII(c) of the 2009 CQ WPX RTTY Rules published in the January issue of CQ
Magazine and on the web site, www.cqwpxrtty.com <http://www.cqwpxrtty.com/>
.  The web site Rules have been corrected and a note added to the home page.
I apologize for any confusion.  I became aware of the issue when scanning
email during an off-time in the contest this weekend.


However, there were some other minor rule changes in 2009 and those have
been enumerated on the home page for several weeks now.  At least three of
them may affect logging software:


*         Increase in band-change limits for MS and M2, which has gone from
six (6) to eight (8) per clock hour

*         Addition of low power single-band entries (Cabrillo header)

*         Elimination of the Rookie category (Cabrillo header)


Another apology is due here for not notifying the contest authors when the
rules were published last Fall.  I forgot that some logging software cares
about these things.  Software authors should review all the changes in the
2009 Rules and, more importantly, in the 2010 rules to be published later
this year.


Ed - W0YK

CQ RTTY contest director

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