[CQ-Contest] Dx peditions and contests

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 17:03:05 EST 2009

According to the K5D web site, Desecheo is:

The 6th most-needed DXCC entity world-wide.
The 3rd most-needed DXCC entity in Europe.
The 2nd most-needed DXCC entity in Asia.

This is probably from The DX Magazine's most recent poll. 

For them to operate in the ARRL DX Contest would use time they should spend filling the worldwide need for Desecheo. 

Yes, given Desecheo's location, they may well have openings to the U.S./Canada on 10 Meters during the contest. I say let them devote every minute to working the rest of the world, for those who play DXCC.

DXCC Top of the Honor Roll, Mixed,1994 (retired, I haven't played since)

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