[CQ-Contest] KP5 Call

Scott Manthe n9aa at arrl.net
Tue Feb 17 10:32:11 EST 2009

Since the FCC doesn't issue KP5 licenses, a KP5 callsign would not be 
available. This is why K5K was used for Kingman Reef, K4M was used for 
Midway, K7C was used for Kure, etc., etc.

This is not a new rule. It been in place since at least the mid 1980's, 
I believe.

Thus it's either KP5/W0GJ or KP5/K4UEE or K5D. They were not assigned 
the call. Since it's a special event callsign, they would've had to 
specifically request K5D from a special event callsign coordinator (one 
of the VECs).

Scott, N9AA

David Kopacz wrote:
> John,
> Thanks for your answer. Someone else just informed me they were assigned
> that call and didn't specifically request it.
> That must be some new rule a bored bureaucrat created to amuse
> him/herself.
> It's rather silly since there are no addresses on Desecheo, will likely
> never be any addresses and the ASSIGNED and WELL KNOWN prefix is KP5.
> Breaker breaker ten meters, this is bee ar five four nine calling.
> David ~ KY1V

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