[CQ-Contest] K3TUP SK

Robert L. Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 19 09:29:38 EST 2009

I am greatly saddened to learn of John's passing.

Although I didn't know John well, I had enjoyed
talking with him several times in the past in person
and by telephone. 

More recently, I was fascinated by John's research in 
several different areas and then read the CQ
Article about him.  I was filled with admiration and
great respect for him.  What a man and what a mind!

I kept meaning to email him to congratulate him on his
wonderful spirit, creativity and his drive to help 
others.   But I never did and am sadly reminded
just how important it is to let others know how much
they are appreciated and esteemed while they are here
with us.  

John's passing is a great loss to radio but a much
greater loss to everyone.

Rest well my friend.  You are a very special man.

Bob KQ2M   

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