[CQ-Contest] Newbie CW logging questions

Dick Dievendorff dieven at comcast.net
Sat Feb 21 13:16:35 EST 2009

I log:

K = K
ATT = 100
5TT = 500
050 = 050
1K = 1K.

I "expand" cut numbers and write the numbers.  If someone sends "5nn", I
write 599.  If I hear "ATT", I'll write 100.  "1oo" is written as 100.

5NN is routinely written 599.  A very few zealots might give a contest
signal report other than 5NN, and I usually am able to log what's sent.  If
I happen to slip and log 599 in those cases I don't fret long over it.

But I bet it would be OK if you logged exactly what you heard. After a while
you "hear" ATT as 100.

The important thing it to have fun!

73 de Dick, K6KR

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I am participating (very limited) in my first CW contest this weekend. I
have a couple questions on logging for the ARRL DX contest. Maybe it's as
simple as "whatever they send is exactly what I log".

1) If a DX station sends "KW" as their power, I think I log KW, correct?

2) If a DX station sends "K" as their power, do I log K or KW?


3) If a DX station sends "5TT" as their power, do I log 5TT or 500?


4) Every station is of course sending 5NN as the report. Does it matter if
N1MM is logging as 599 vs 5NN?


I'm hoping the first 2 replies to this don't say the exact opposite of what
to do. Thanks in advance for the answers. 

David - K2DSL

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