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David Kopacz david.kopacz at aspwebhosting.com
Mon Feb 23 03:05:22 EST 2009


Why not wait for a domestic contest like sweepstakes or field day to try
working US stations needed for your awards?

I understand your view on this issue, but have you thought about it from
another perspective?

Sure, it takes only a few minutes to work you and move on, and if the
station you are calling is not busy working DX stations, what's the

So a few US contest stations begin routinely working other US stations
that count 0 points simply as a courtesy to help out. Now others looking
for award related contacts pick up on this courtesy and they also begin
seeking US contacts during the ARRL International DX contest.

Suppose, over time, this practice becomes widely known and what was just
a few casual operators trying to pick up a few new states for an award
becomes a few hundred, or a few thousand. More and more newcomers start
finding it not only acceptable, but required for US stations to work
them, log them and confirm these contacts during an International DX

Now, consider the amateur in a more difficult to work state or province,
who has spent considerable time and effort, not to mention money, and is
trying to win the contest but must work hundreds of 0 point stations
whom may be covering up weaker DX stations calling, one that count for
valuable points and multipliers.

While I am sure many people wouldn't give it another thought and simply
work you, there are others that may find it  inconsiderate to interrupt
their DX contest to work stations that count for 0 points, particularly
when there are plenty of contests that support these types of QSO's.

Perhaps people should consider the type of contest before making
contacts and work only those stations appropriate for the contest.
Besides, it isn't difficult for any US station to work any other US
station in any state and it is particularly easy to do this during
contests such as sweepstakes and field day.

I thought I would share another view before you are too hard on those
that signed "No US DX Only". It is quite possible you thought you were
the only one calling them when they heard many.

David ~ KY1V

Ok, I get it, no points for working a US station in ARRL DX.

As well as DX, I was also interested in picking up states for Triple 
Play, since lots of states get spotted in this contest.  Both the 
stations I tried to work in Washington state (big contesters) came 
back and said "No US DX Only", or statements to that effect.

Out of hundreds of contacts both US and DX, the two stations I tried 
to work in WA were the ONLY two stations to do this.  It wouldn't be 
so bad, but they were CQ 'ing with NO ONE ANSWERING.  It took them 
longer to answer me than it would have to put me in the log.  I'm not 
trying to say that this is a Washington state thing.  Just annoying.

Some much needed stations (by everyone) that I worked this week (like 
Hawaii, Idaho and Belarus) that were CQ'ing when I found them, I put 
spots in for.  It was nice to hear them get busy after the spots.  I 
would have done the same for the WA stations.

The contacts they would have gotten from the spot would have more than 
made up for the 5 letters they would have had to transmit to me.  Oh 
wait, they already transmitted more than 5 letters to tell me they 
wouldn't work me.  Hmmmmmm.....

Just wanted to take a moment to send a big Thank You to the US 
stations that worked me this weekend.  Thanks for helping to nurture 
contesting and sharing the amateur spirit.  I very much appreciate the 
time you took to answer my call.

Dave Wilburn
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