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W8FJ at aol.com W8FJ at aol.com
Mon Feb 23 14:09:53 PST 2009

I also wkd this station on 40M from N3RS.  He answered my CQ on Sunday  
evening and was VERY strong.  I have doubts about his legitimacy, but he's  in the 
John, W8FJ... 
In a message dated 2/23/2009 2:06:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
jjreisert at alum.mit.edu writes:

I worked  and spotted this station in the contest late on Sunday:

14110.7  3X6A        22-Feb-2009 2051Z   ???              <AD1C>

I  heard the call several times.  Sounds like a pirate but WFWL.
Anyone  know anything about?

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C/Ø,  <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>,  http://www.ad1c.us
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