[CQ-Contest] No US DX Only - ARRL DX

David Kopacz david.kopacz at aspwebhosting.com
Wed Feb 25 18:39:13 PST 2009

"There is no clear answer.  Mine will tend to be more cordial than many
have seen posted here.  

I guess I will just continue to take the high road and treat people how
would like to treated."


You're right, there is no clear answer.

Please keep in mind that just because some of us would prefer these
stations follow the contest format is not indicative of being rude on
the air. I think it is a leap to draw that conclusion.

In a CW contest, sending "DX ONLY PSE" or "US ONLY PSE" is not rude. On
the other hand, it is quite rude for the same station to continue
calling after hearing that message.

In a sideband contest, it's a lot easier to say "Thanks for the call,
we're working DX in this contest. Look for me after the contest." or for
a DX station to say "Thanks for calling, we're working stateside
stations only. We're here all week. Look for us after the contest."

The problem arises when the calling station doesn't accept the response.
This attitude shouldn't cause it to be necessary to simply work the guy
to get rid of them. If we are a truly self policing group, as a group,
we should shun this sort of behavior letting it be known it is

It not much different than the guys that interrupt a conversation, not
to join the conversation or contribute content to the conversation, but
merely for self satisfying reasons such as a signal check. If you need a
signal check, call CQ. It's likely you'll have one soon enough as it is
evident you can hear signals on the band.

This behavior is particularly disturbing when the interrupting station
can only hear one side of the conversation.

Another example is when one is calling CQ DX to a particular geographic
location and a local continuously calls. Often, when answered, they want
to strike up a conversation keeping you from your goal.

I know not everyone behaves in this manner, but there are more and more
of these types of operators appearing on the bands. At some point, one
needs to say enough is enough.

Incidentally, I used to do the same as you, treat people how I would
like to be treated, then someone posed the question "Wouldn't it be more
appropriate to treat people how 'they' wish to be treated?"

David ~ KY1V

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