[CQ-Contest] PU2FAN apologizes about selfspoting.

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Feb 26 03:23:36 PST 2009

On the other hand, if Dave doesn't even-handedly report *all* spotting 
activity that is contrary to the rules, what happens to his credibility?

I think this one came out just as it should have.  Dave reported it, while 
noting that there was no effort made to hide the self-spotter's 
identity.  Friends of the self-spotter read Dave's report, told the newbie 
contester that self-spotting was a non-no, and he apologized.  Case over, 
lesson learned, and no rancor.

I think there is altogether too much secrecy surrounding the outcome of 
contest committees' deliberations.  As Tree has said, sunshine *is* the 
best disinfectant.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 06:41 AM 2/25/2009, Chris Smith wrote:
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64I am sorry guys but publicly accusing 
>someone of cheating on this reflector and blacken
>there name is totally wrong, in the case of this young PY station he may 
>likely chose not to enter
>another contest because of it, and we wonder why there is no young blood 
>coming into this hobby ?.
>What Dave is doing is an excellent job however the info should be passed 
>onto the contest committee to help
>them with log checking / deciding category winners, same goes for anyone 
>else who has a query over a stations
>contest effort, send the evidence to the contest community and let them 
>decide to deduct points or disqualify the station.
>I have never self spot, no do i believe 95% of the contest community has 
>ever done either and think it is just wrong, i do not know
>the PY station or how well he has done in his category, i am going to 
>assume he is not going to be a category winner or even
>come close, so what difference does it make if he self spots or not to 
>increase his activity and enjoyment of the contest.
>Obviously if it was a serious effort it should be up to the contest 
>committee to decide to deduct or disqualify and not us.
>Chris MI0LLL
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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] PU2FAN apologizes about selfspoting.
>Hi all,
>Just to give a feedback on the report of the spots K1TTT, where
>indicated PU2FAN as a selfspotter. PU2FAN is an operator of 18 years,
>licensed for less then one year, has learned CW  by himself.  He works
>with a CB transceiver converted to 40m.
>We contacted him about the self-spots, and he really did not know it was
>against the rules of the contest. He apologizes about what happened.
>73, Luc
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