[CQ-Contest] PU2FAN, etc

Robert Naumann w5ov at w5ov.com
Thu Feb 26 06:21:11 PST 2009

Some things cause ones' mind to boggle. This is one of them.

Did no one read the two posts from PY8AZT?

Here they are - summarized:

"Just to give a feedback on the report of the spots K1TTT, where indicated
PU2FAN as a selfspotter. PU2FAN is an operator of 18 years, licensed for
less then one year, has learned CW  by himself.  He works with a CB
transceiver converted to 40m.

We contacted him about the self-spots, and he really did not know it was
against the rules of the contest. He apologizes about what happened."

"For sure, we'll see more activity from PU2FAN in future contests."

So, K1TTT's report was used by the PY peers of PU2FAN to make it a positive
thing. K1TTT is the messenger - he reports the facts. It's what is done with
it afterwards that matters.

In this case, it was clearly a positive and educational experience - not
only for PU2FAN, but for anyone else reading this account.

Back to net.


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David K1TTT wrote :

> My way the peer feedback is direct and timely.  Hopefully he learned  
> a good
> lesson and will be back in the next contest, sans packet.

Hmmmm.   I think that attitude is very hard toward this young fellow  
David.  I'm a serious DXer and not a contest entrant, but if you had  
highlighted me in that way, I would have told you where to stuff your  
contest, and it would be years - if ever - before I competed again.   
It would have been magnanimous (and "contest-promoting") for an  
experienced guy like you to offer an apology, or at least an  
explanation,  to this young Brazilian.  There's a bigger picture to  
think about.

73,  John,  NT5C.
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