[CQ-Contest] adding challenges to field day

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Wed Jul 1 21:25:18 PDT 2009

yea, offer plaques, awards just like regular contest, have special catagories too, SO SB, So2r, Muliti op, etc, its runnning like a contest, so make it a real contest, and lets for get about its real purpose,,,,,,,,

Joe, w6vnr

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>Field Day is fun but there are not really a lot of operating challenges to it.
>One way to liven things up would be to set some operating goals other than just making the most contacts possible.  
>By giving point bonuses to various operating achievements things could be made a lot more interesting.
>Here are some ideas;
>1 point for each ARRL Section and DX country worked per mode on each band.
>100 bonus points would be awarded for a clean sweep 
>100 bonus points would be awarded for working 100 DX countries
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