[CQ-Contest] writelog on XP

Dave Hachadorian K6LL at ARRL.net
Sat Jul 4 10:03:18 PDT 2009

I had trouble using optocouplers. They wouldn't key the rig. 
I went back to a 2N2222 with 1K in the base lead.

I tried all the free programs for LPT keying and couldn't 
get any of them to work. I did get DIRECTIO to work. 
Instructions can be found here:

You can download a full trial version of DIRECTIO for free 

If it works, pay the man $29 right away. If you let the 30 
day trial expire, it is a pain to remove and reinstall 
directio, at least it was on my machine.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Big Bear Lake, CA

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I am going to be using Writelog with Windows XP...XP does 
not use the lpt ports.
I am trying to find a 4N33 optocoupler to set the keying 
through the Comm port.
I have not been able to find a vendor with the things in 
Does anyone have any idea where I can get a couple? Does 
anyone have any really good easy solutions for getting the 
lpt ports to work in XP?
Thanks in advance...
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