[CQ-Contest] HQ operation

Vitor, PY2NY py2ny.vitor at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 16:47:21 PDT 2009

Hello everybody

We will try a big HQ operation during next 
IARU Contest. Will be first serious effort from
Ham ops in Brasil, looking for this kind of
HQ activity.

I would like to ask if you have any sugestion
to put stations around our country in contact
with each other during the contest, via internet.
As far as I know, isn-t possible to consolidate
scores from everybody using HQ callsign, and
I was thinking what those huge HQ stations 
from Europe do for that. If you have any 
help, any sugestion, please send me a 
private note. 

Will be 5 stations in 3 different States, working
different mode/band and even with different
logging software (WinTest / N1MM ).

Thank you and hope to listen you during the
contest - I will be 20m/CW op.

All the best


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