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Hi Ben:
 Has been nice to talk with you on 20m.
 I didn´t hear the tests but your signal was outstanding in SA

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we have received 35 reports with valuable information, which will be analysed and published soon. First of all, THANKS very much for taking your time.

Our signals/antennas were:

14262.5 DR1A/1 = 5/5 Stack 2x Cushcraft XM520 @ 26/37m
14272.5 DR1A/2 = 4-ele Hygain 204BA @ 20m
14282.5 DR1A/3 = Single 5-ele Homemade Yagi @ 34m (no stack, lower antenna could not be repaired in time. If you look at the picture closely, you can see that the driven element of the lower ant is not there)

Towards North America "1" was generally the best, followed by "3" at about 5 dB less, followed by "2" at about 12 dB less (!!!).

Towards South America and Southern Europe "2" was best, because of the much broader radiation pattern.

>From KH6 we were reported as the "only signals on a dead band".
In KH6 all three signals could be heard, while we were reported from some West Coast (and also Mid West) stations that at times "2" (the single 4-ele @ 20m) could not be heard at all, while "1" and "3" were at strong 559 and 539 respectively.
That is truly amazing.

If you thought a 4-ele Monobander @ 1 wavelength height would make you happy - sorry, that myth is busted... ;-)

More in a few days.

Thanks again,

73 Ben
(for the DR1A team)



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