[CQ-Contest] IARU Packet Rules

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Fri Jul 10 16:27:19 PDT 2009

Steve, et al,
I've explained this terribly, so please allow me one more try:
Let's define me as a sole-operator-all-by-myself (SOABM).
As an SOABM I have two choices under the rules:
1.	I can enter in the SO category.  I can't use packet but I can
make effective use of my SO2R setup.
2.	I can enter in the M/S category (sometimes referred to by SOABMs
as "SO + packet").  I can use packet, but I must abide by the 10 minute
band change rule, which reduces the effectiveness of my second radio to
just about zero.  If I make a single contact on the second radio, I am
now stuck on that band for 10 minutes.  
As a SOABM I have no choice or category that allows me packet and
effective use of my SO2R setup.  It's one or the other.  This is
implicit in the rules, not explicit, which is why I asked the question:
Is this an intended consequence of the rules or an unintended
consequence of the rules?  Given how hard it is to explain the question,
I suspect the answer is: unintended.
If it's still unclear, maybe a proposed rule change will help.
I'd like to see a  Exception: Single operators entering as M/S
(one operator and packet) are not bound by 4.2.1
WRT NAQP:  It's not an equivalent example.  Using packet forces a SOABM
into M/2, but M/2 in NAQP has a 10 minute band change rule for EACH
transmitter.  So as a SOABM running SO2R, I can CQ on one radio on one
band and S&P on the second radio (or shoot spots) on a different band
effectively within the band change rule.  I can move both rigs every 10
minutes.  M/2 is quite different than M/S if you are a SOABM.
All the best,
Hal N4GG

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