[CQ-Contest] Do Keycaps Still Exist?

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 15:59:21 PDT 2009

I use Avery 1/2 inch diameter stick on labels and replace after a while
( I use Sharpie Fine or medium Point pen that doesn't smear to mark them )

Well Avery has discontinued that product in the White Color # 05406
but they do have Neon Orange which is a light enuf color to write on
Avery Product number 05062

If anyone reading this knows od another source for WHITE 1/2 inch Diameter
stick on ( removable and doesn't harm paint of front panels of gear
I sometimes use on ) please let us know

73, Dennis N6KI

They do have

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Ed Muns <w0yk at msn.com> wrote:

> > I set up all sorts of shortcuts and macros with Writelog, and
> > am frustrated with sticking labels than can be removed that
> > invariably come off at the worst possible time.
> >
> > I'd like to use old-fashioned keycaps, as prying keys off a
> > keyboard is a bit dicey!
> >
> > Do blank keycaps exist anymore?  If so, where an I get them?
> This is not an issue for me and I change key definitions for every contest.
> 1.  For the Fn keys in the top row of the keyboard, I customize a single
> strip of paper with labels.  I have a PowerPoint file with a slide per
> contest.  To the extent that I use different keyboards with different
> physical dimensions, then the slide per contest will be specific to the
> keyboard being used.  But the basic slide is a template of text boxes
> centered on each Fn key.  Often, I include a background rectangle to group
> keys for easy location at a glance ... Kind of provides a graphic tree
> structure so Fn keys can be logically grouped.  If the software allows
> shifted-Fn keys then there are two rows of text boxes.  There is an overall
> outline box around the template that is used for cutting out the strip of
> labels with a paper cutter or simple scissors.  By now, I have slides for
> all the contests I do and can tweak the one I need for the next weekend.
> For a new contest, I just duplicate one of the slides and edit the text and
> color backgrounds.
> Then, from a craft store I buy a cassette that dispenses removable adhesive
> for rolling onto the back of this paper strip.  It is adhered to the
> keyboard above the Fn keys and easily removed and replaced for the next
> contest.
> 2.  For keys within the keyboard array where I've defined a short-cut, I
> use
> 1/4" colored dots that are available from office supply stores.  Again, get
> the removable type.  Often the colors will give me what I need for
> identification, but if not then I write a character or two on the dot.
> Tweezers are handy for applying and removing the dots.
> Alternatively, some contesters use one or more of the various X-key
> configurations to have a customized keypad or strip separate from the main
> keyboard.  They have removable keycaps under which you can insert/remove
> labels.  That's too complicated and takes up to much operating space for
> me,
> but they are popular with others.
> Ed - W0YK
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