[CQ-Contest] NS Ladder - Week 12

Bill Haddon haddon.bill at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 11:28:29 PDT 2009

Week #12 of the NCCC Sprint Ladder (NSL) happens this Thursday night between
0230-0300Z(Friday UTC).

See  http://www.ncccsprint.com/ladder.htm

This week may be the slowest contesting week of the year; The WA7BNM
calendar lists only one major event, the RSGB IOTA contest.  So . . a great
chance to get your contesting injection of fun on Thursday night with the
NCCC Sprint Ladder.  Experience this fun, challenging contest and get
yourself prepared for the upcoming Winter ladder on 160, 80 and 40 meters.

See http://www.ncccsprint.com/next_ns.htm for schedule.

20 m      14030-14045 (avoid W1AW at 14047.5)
40 m      7030-7045 (avoid W1AW at 7047.5 and PSK at 7038)
80 m      3530-3545

DUPES: Same-band dupes allowed as long as you have 1 intervening QSO, or
immediately if you move to another band.
MULTS: Count by band (i.e. like NAQP)
POWER: 100 watt limit.
SCORES: Report scores to http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/

The Slow NS (SNS), is half an hour earlier.  Note: Please restrict
code speed in SNS to about 18 wpm or less.


Thank you Ted, W4NZ, for shepherding last week's ladder; maybe being the
acting contest director gives that extra adrenaline rush to reach the
winner's circle, as Ted did last week.

There's close competition in our Newcomer's division. N0KK and K7BG are
neck-in-neck by average score,1290 vs 1235.  K9MMS and N8EA are close
behind.  N4OGW, N6RO and K7SS have seemingly unbeatable 1st place spots in
he East of Ms. River, NCCC and West of Ms. River divisions respectively --
They can look forward to our exciting new CA Pinot noir wine-prizes this
year from the renowned Muns Vineyard, which is owned by our NSL webmaster
and top competitor Ed, W0YK.  You can read additional details about the
exciting 2009 vineyard year at http://munsvineyard.blogspot.com .  We note
with some amazement that the top four stations in the NCCC division of
NSL-VI own vineyards (N6RO, K6VVA) or vineyards and wineries (W0YK, N6ZFO).

The following stations have participated in all eleven events:  N4AF, N4DW,
K9BGL, W4NZ, N9FC, NO3M, W1UJ, and last but not least, the Locust, K6VVA.
You guys need to consider a vacation. We'd also like to welcome new
participants K6RB, K2KW and N3ZZ among others.  In all, 101 different
stations have competed this year. Our NS/ NS Ladder reflector, nccc-blue, is
rapidly approaching 80 members (contact n6zfo for details).

73, Bill N6ZFO
Contest Director
NCCC Sprint Ladder (NSL)

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