[CQ-Contest] Five DQ's Mark 2008 CQ WW SSB

Davor Kucelin davor.kucelin at plavalaguna.hr
Tue Jul 28 01:38:45 PDT 2009

Dear Dave and others,
There is probably some misunderstanding. One part is missing on
On 6400 qsos we had 12qsos under violation of max 2-3min. I checked log my
self and found those violations. Nobody of you tought that 12 qsos on 6400
can be human mistakes caused by many factors (sleepnes,hurry,software.)
Those 12 qsos are not rare mults but also some big M/M stns that can be work
over the whole contest. If I deleted those qsos it would cause NIL to
The right way was claiming Multi-Multi but I assumed those qsos would just
be flaged and not counted for the score. There are still some logs with this
errors that passed trough ubn procedure, some even dont have 0/1 for which
stn did the qso. I agree something has to be done, expecaly in the SOABHP
cat, lets wait for wwcw results.
What procedure should we do if during a 48h contest we make some mistakes
In waiting 10min? Do we really have to be M/M or can we just somehow remove
qsos without hitting others???
73 Dave 9A1UN
P.S Still love this game
AB7E wrote: 
The responses from those who were DQ'd offer interesting insight into their 
attitudes toward cheating.  These folks admit intentionally and blatantly 
violating an important contest rule, thereby attempting to gain an unfair 
advantage over more honest competitors, and yet they feel disqualification
an "over-reaction".  That would be like me robbing a bank and expecting my 
penalty if I got caught to be merely having to return the money.  And these
people from the upper echelon of the sport!
For what it may be worth, one of those same stations clearly and explicitly 
asked me to spot them on the cluster when I worked them in the 2009 CQ WPX
contest (yes, I reported it), so I'm not inclined to put much credence into 
sympathetic excuses about isolated errors in judgment.
Dave   AB7E


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