[CQ-Contest] iota spotting report

Tue Jul 28 15:54:29 PDT 2009

I was asked to do a spotting report for the IOTA contest, so here it is.  If
you want the raw data you can download it from
http://www.k1ttt.net/logs/2009iota_spots.zip starting as soon as i get it
all zipped up.  I am a bit busy this week so I'll keep it short.

There were 13829 spots in the cluster database.

Most spotted dx:
DX		Count
VK9NI		171
AO8GTC	149
UU7J/P	129
C6APR		127
TK9X		119
YW9A		107
GJ6YB		100

Busiest spotters:
Spotter	count
DJ1AA		281
2E0CNL	155
EI1429	118
RK3QS-20	118
EI9ES		112
VE1DX		112
4L6QC		108


Cheerleader report:

What the columns mean:
Spotter = the spotting station
dx = the dx being spotted
spots = the number of spots the spotter made for the dx
total = the total number of spots the spotter made during the contest
pct = percentage of the total spots the spotter made for just that one dx

spotter	dx		Spots	Total	Pct
N3DG		C6APR		27	49	55.10
EI3JZ		GJ6YB		22	47	46.81
EA8CBN	AO8GTC	19	19	100.00
EA1BNF	AN1C		19	19	100.00
LZ2NP		LZ2PL		19	20	95.00
IZ5BTC	IA5K		19	19	100.00
EB8AUB	AO8GTC	18	18	100.00
DL2RNS	DL0KWH	18	18	100.00
EA5HJY	EG5FPN	18	18	100.00
EA8IK		AO8GTC	17	17	100.00
YV4BCD	YW9A		17	18	94.44
VK9NI		VK9NI		17	19	89.47
DL0UN		DL2DCX	16	17	94.12
CT8/NX1Z	CT8/NX1Z	16	16	100.00
EA1UY		AN1C		16	20	80.00
UT4XD		UU7J/P	16	16	100.00
YV5GRB	YW9A		15	17	88.24
RW3DUY	UE3DFF	12	12	100.00
MW0DHF	GW8K		10	15	66.67


"Single Spotters" are stations who make only one dx spot in the whole
contest weekend.  It is obviously fairly unusual for a contest operator who
is active to make only one spot, many make 10's to 100's of spots during the
weekend.  It is common for DX'ers to make a single spot for a rare dx
station then turn off the radio, so lots of single spotters for rare
stations is common, but they also get lots of contest spots from other
stations.  The key here is the percentage of spots that are from 'single
spotters'.  A high percentage can be a sign of the use of fake callsigns to
spot yourself or a friend that you don't want to look like you are
cheerleading for... in any case, the use of fake callsigns is an obvious
sign of someone trying to deceive the world in one way or another.

What the columns mean:
DX - the dx station being spotted
Total - the total spots for them in the weekend
All(%) - the total number of single spots and the percentage of the total
dxs(%) - the number of the total spots that came from dxsummit and the
percentage of the total they are.  These are broken out because it is very
easy for someone to put in fake callsigns on dxsummit and it has been a
common source of abuse of the system.

DX		Total	All 		DXS
VK9NI		171	48(28%) 10(5%)
UU7J/P	129	23(17%) 4(3%)
TK9X		119	19(15%) 4(3%)
YW9A		107	15(14%) 1(0%)
VK9IR		63	14(22%) 4(6%)
C6APR		127	14(11%) 3(2%)
AO8GTC	149	13(8%)  1(0%)
CT7/LZ3ND	32    12(37%) 12(37%)
AM1M		72	10(13%) 1(1%)
MW9W		59	10(16%) 9(15%)


Spotter	Freq	Comment
DL7ACY	14444	cq NA, EU-124, test, very rare
DL7ACY	14144	cq NA, EU-124, test, very rare
M0URX		3724	CQ IOTA EU124
G1VDP		1425200	CQ IOTA EU124
G1VDP		21275	EU-124 CQ CONTEST N & SA
MW0RLJ	7141	IOTA EU-124
G1VDP		14150.9	CQ IOTA EU124
MW9W		7137.5	contest from eu124 ramsey isla

the group above came from an ip
address:        T-Mobile UK
                Hatfield Business Park
which was from a block of only 255 addresses.

M3ZYZ		28505	CQ IOTA EU124
M3SDE		14180.5	CQ IOTA EU124
G1VDP		7139	CQ IOTA EU124
MW0OXO	14205	CQ IOTA EU124
G1VDP		7139	CQ IOTA EU124

The next group came from a different ip:
from another block of 255 from the same isp.

EI3JZ		14181	eu124
F0GAA		21246.5	SWL 5/9+20DB

These 2 seem to be ok, they came from the proper countries at least.

M1CBF		7079	tnx 2 bands
M1CBF		14186.2	eu124 www.mc0shl.com
MW0RLJ	7067	iota eu124 ramsey island
MW0RLJ	28505	iota eu124
MW0RLJ	21221.2	iota eu124 ramsey island
MW3SDW	1420500	eu124 ramsey island
The group above came from 2 different ip's in the same block belonging to
O2Online in Berkshire UK.

The first 2 groups make me curious becuase of the same calls showing up in
both groups that had different ip's.  but it will take someone who knows
more about that service to figure out where they really came from.

Spotter	Freq	Comment
G1V		14002.2	iota
F1FV		21055	iota
IT9		14158	iota
LZ1WXC	14158	iota
G1W		14183	iota
K4		14004	iota
SWL		14179	iota
LZ1WXC	14134	iota
M0P		21001	iota
M0P		21202	iota
EA3W		21055	iota
LZ1WXC	14153	iota
IS0Y		14153	iota
UA9ZZ		14002.2	iota
RA3W		14002.2	iota
RA3W		14002.2	iota
PA4		14066	iota
UX4E		14066	iota
RA3W		14073	iota
LZ1WXC	14307	iota
M0P		14307	iota
SWL		14277	iota
RO1Q		14142	iota
RO1Q		14142	iota
LZ1WXC	14065	iota
RA3W		14144	contest
RA3W		14127	iota
LU7		14138	iota
LZ1WXC	14065.5	iota
LZ1WXC	14065.5	iota
UA9ZZ		14002.2	iota
RA3W		14122	
SX1Q		14002.2	iota
SP1Q		14002.2	iota
LZ1WXC	14002.2	iota

IP addresses (several of them, must be dialup) came out of Portugal.

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt at arrl.net
web: http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://dxc.k1ttt.net

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