[CQ-Contest] Self spotting rationale

Andrew ac6wi at comcast.net
Wed Jul 29 13:57:47 PDT 2009

Doug Smith wrote:
> Robert Chudek - K0RC wrote:
>> This isn't a rhetorical question.
>> How / why was the "no self spotting" rule created in the first place? Was it a knee-jerk reaction to the introduction of new technology at the time
>> spotting networks began to flourish? What actual purpose does this rule serve? Whatever that purpose, is it outdated by technology?
> My guess (and this is only a guess) is it was done to protect the spotting network -- it was done out of fear the network would be overwhelmed with 
> self-spots.

I think your guess if probably fairly close.

It wouldn't be hard to write a few lines of code that would allow you to
spot yourself every minute, or 30 seconds or 10 seconds or....... how
useful would the spotting network be during a contest if everyone
repeatedly spotted themselves non-stop for 48hrs?  It would be chaos and
the cluster would probably fall over within minutes!  You know some
would do that if it wasn't specifically spelled out in the rules as not
being allowed..... that is why the rule is there!

Also, can you imagine what non-contesters would say if contesters
crashed the spotting network during every contest because of self-spots?
 Some like us little enough without adding fuel to the fire!

Vy 73

Andrew AC6WI / GI0NWG

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