[CQ-Contest] Self spotting rationale

Steve Sacco NN4X nn4x at embarqmail.com
Wed Jul 29 15:09:23 PDT 2009

Personally, I think we're supposed to use our Amateur gear to 
solicit/work contacts during contests.

Self-spotting does an end-run around that, and partially negates all the 
hard, unfair work required to provision and build a station large enough 
to be well heard.

Of course, the cq-contest-lawyers will jump up and down, and say things 
like "Well!  What about people who announce they'll be on the air from 
[some exotic place] as [some exotic call] during the contest?  Isn't 
THAT the same thing?  Isn't it?"

*Yawn*  Maybe, maybe not.  At least it's not done during the 'test.


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