[CQ-Contest] Re WAEDC CW: only for Extra class USA

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 00:55:52 PDT 2009


Thanks for writing. Your comments 1-3 are right on and make good points, 
especially about newcomers and those with smallish stations, who are the 
heart of every contest.

But ... nothing seems to wake up the sheep, who seem to care only about the 
10-Minute Rule, self spotting, and DQs.

It's very discouraging. But, who knows, maybe the DARC Contest Committee is 
getting hate mail that we don't know about.

As for me, I will operate mostly above 7030. I'm sure I will be joined above 
7030 by hundreds of other peanut whistle stations as well as all those 
people who don't read the contest rules every year (that would include me).

Oh, I'll be on above 14060, too (which the new rules also stipulate and has 
been absent from this discussion so far).


Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
(trap vertical and a wire in a tree)

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>I completely agree with you Jim.  Let me add that a 30 KHz restriction 
>destroys much of the competitive or training ability for a lot of 
>contesters - similar to what Remi LY8O said (although not as sinister).
> #1  Many contesters who are learning contesting and are trying to work on 
> skills of running will go up high in the band to run - at slower speeds. 
> A 30 KHz wide swath kills that ability on 40.
> #2  Many low power and weaker stations run high on the band where there is 
> more bandwidth and less interstation QRM.  It also allows those who have 
> less optimal CW filters to run with lessened interference.
> #3  Stations who focus their efforts on one band may choose to run higher 
> in the band to make themselves more conspicuous by keeping a wide berth 
> from the hard-core testers.
> An absurdly low limit of 30 KHz discourages participation, deters skills 
> building and will weaken participation - especially with casual operators.
> Recipe for disaster.
> 73 Rich NN3W
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>> This is very ugly but in no way is a precedent. Just a terrible error. CW 
>> has always been the mode with no restrictions on frequency. CW contesters 
>> are pretty vigilant about avoiding interfering with others, fellow 
>> contesters and non-contesters alike. And we are the ones who bothered not 
>> only to learn the code but to become proficient at it. We deserve better 
>> than this. We demand better than this.
>> I see the hand of the no-code digital mode dunderheads at work in this 
>> DARC restriction. And when the cries of protest arise, the DARC throws us 
>> a bone -- a whole 5 more kilohertz (7025-7030). They must do a lot better 
>> than that, like remove the restriction entirely.
>> It's one thing to obey the laws of one's government. It's something else 
>> entirely to acquiesce to a recommendation by an interest group.
>> Jim Cain
>> At The K1TN Superstation
>> New Jersey, USA

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