[CQ-Contest] No Self Spotting - history

k3bu at optimum.net k3bu at optimum.net
Thu Jul 30 04:39:02 PDT 2009

> > If I want to test the waters on 10 meters (whether I'm qrp or a > big M/M), wouldn't it be far> more "efficient" for me to simply spot myself?  That is not the > basis of contesting.  If you> can be "loud" and gather a crowd and some of them happen to spot > you, fine.  But initiating> it yourself?  Totally different.> > This is also why I frown upon "cheerleading."  It is serrogate > self-spotting (but not spelled> out in the rules....yet?)> > de Doug KR2QBesides, wouldn't it be "fun" if everyone spotted themselves?Talking about overload. Maybe we do not need radios, just click on internet or have skimmer and clicker do it for us?Yuri, K3BU.usK3BU BBQ this Saturday at www.MVmanor.com

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