[CQ-Contest] Contest Tip #312: Use Monaco Font For Slashed Zeroes

John Miller webaron at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 12:40:23 PDT 2009

In your favorite contest logger (e.g., N1MM, WriteLog), if you change  
your Font to Monaco, you'll be treated to slashed zeroes when entering  
a "0" callsign.  Easier on the eyes, more accurate logging.  Examples:


If Monaco is not already installed on your computer:

1.  Go here = http://pages.cthome.net/n1mm/
2.  Click "Downloads" then "Other Files"
3.  Scroll down to "Slashed Fonts", download "monaco.ttf" and follow  
instructions to install on your computer.

N1MM:  To change fonts in N1MM:
1: Entry Window:  "View --> Set Font".  Select "Monaco".
2. Log Window:  Right-Click anywhere in the Log Window.  Select "Set  
Font" near the bottom of the list and then choose "Monaco".

WriteLog:  To change fonts in WriteLog:
1.  Entry Window:  "Setup --> Entry Window Font".
2:  Log Window:  "Setup --> Log Window Font".

Experiment with Regular, Bold, Font size, etc.

Have fun!

John K6MM

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