[CQ-Contest] WPX Plaques - Who should win them?

David Levine david at levinecentral.com
Sun Mar 1 20:16:33 PST 2009

Maybe comparing this to other hobbies/sports would help. My daughter does
competitive cheerleading and there are many divisions. You can of course win
your division (eg: Jr Coed Level 5). Then like divisions have their scores
compared against other like divisions (eg: all Level 5 teams) to win another
trophy. Then all teams in the competition are compared and the highest score
wins the Grand Champion trophy for the entire competition. 

The team that wins the Grand Champion trophy doesn't relinquish their other
awards. If you look at this from the bottom up vs the top down as it seems
it is currently viewed, the winners of all the lowest level divisions are
compared to awards that cross divisions. It makes sense that only 1st place
winners in each division could further compete for the

So though I don't imagine myself ever getting one, it seems logical to me
that multiple awards for the top participants is how it should work. I can't
think of any other sport/hobby where it works how it seems it has been
described here. We are all adults and unlike kids today that get a trophy
for just showing up, it's ok with me that only the actual winners get
trophies. If someone wants to provide trophies for the top 3 in every
division, that is fine but you can only have one winner and that is the one
with the highest score (unless we're playing golf).

David - K2DSL 

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Let's not confuse things.  The CQ Contests no longer have the policy that a
plaque winner one year can not win the next year.

This discussion is only about whether a station should win all plaques they
qualified for or whether they should only win the highest level plaque and
the second place finisher takes the next level.

Keep the input coming.  This is very helpful discussion.

Randy, K5ZD 

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> Hi all,
> I like the idea of the NA plaque going to the winner of NA 
> regardless of whether a US, VE or other NA station has won it.
> It is much, much harder to win NA as a US op because of the 
> disparity in scoring - all US-US count as 1 point regardless 
> of band, but US-VE can be 2 or 4 points and US-DX can be 3 or 
> 6.  Canadian ops therefore have a big advantage over US ops 
> in scoring, and other NA stations only a slight additional 
> advantage over VE ops.  This is true for CQWW as well.
> In SSB contests, the VE ops also have a large advantage over 
> US ops in the fact that they can work DX directly in the 
> lower qrm DX phone subbands, whereas the US can not do so.  
> This skews the scoring even more against the US ops. compared 
> to VE and other NA ops.
> So if someone in the US  happens to have the highest score in 
> NA, a pretty rare occurrence, they should win the NA plaque too!
> I also believe that the winner of any category should win a 
> plaque every time, regardless of how many wins in a row there 
> have been.
> Several times I have won US SOABHP and not received a plaque 
> because I had won the plaque the year before.  Likewise, I 
> have also won a plaque in a contest where I finished 2nd, and 
> someone else won back to back years and did NOT win the 
> plaque the next year.  I think this is a silly practice, even 
> though well-meant and actually DIScourages participation from 
> serious competitors.
> It's like awarding the Olympic gold medal for "Fastest Man" 
> to the 2nd place winner of the 100M dash, just because the 
> Fastest Man won the event the year before.  That would 
> cheapen the gold and cause the best competitors to lose 
> interest, possibly harming the quality of the event.
> 73
> Bob KQ2M

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