[CQ-Contest] WPX Plaques - Who should win them?

VK4TI vk4ti at wia.org.au
Mon Mar 2 02:45:35 PST 2009

Hi Randy,

CQ has in the past placed Tribander Single element scorers in a different 
category say SOAB if the score is BETTER than other SOAB entrants thus 
allowing two bites at the cherry - but with the awarding of trophies it 
doenst seem to flow the same way..

I personally feel you win the category you get the trophy regardless..eg if 
the unimaginable happens and XX0XX entered 40M Single band and scores more 
than anyone they should  win SOAB/ 40M SB/ tribander single element clean 
sweep !

Trent VK4TI

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> IMHO the best motivator in the contesting world is the reward at the end 
> for
> being the best op/best station. Conversely the best demoralizer is to give
> an 'also-ran' an award when another station fairly & squarely earned that
> award.
> So my vote is: If a station/op earns 10 plaques then he should get all 10
> plaques, regardless of who/what/when/where/why he is, or is not. Then we 
> all
> can sit back and watch a whole bunch of new towers/aerials go up and the
> radio stores will sell a bunch more amps. Everybody wins when you do it
> right.
> Just my -2cents worth.
> 73
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> Everyone in the world is
> entitled to be burdened
> by my opinion
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> Let's not confuse things.  The CQ Contests no longer have the policy that 
> a
> plaque winner one year can not win the next year.
> This discussion is only about whether a station should win all plaques 
> they
> qualified for or whether they should only win the highest level plaque and
> the second place finisher takes the next level.
> Keep the input coming.  This is very helpful discussion.
> Randy, K5ZD
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