[CQ-Contest] Putting the spoon into the pot: WPX - who is onfirst?

Jacques Saget f6bee at free.fr
Mon Mar 2 11:23:06 PST 2009


Comparing radiosport competition with any other sport is not good as in 
our case, there are
no qualification rounds, 1/4 finals, 1/2   and final. 
We play in a single world-wide competition, with everybody competing 
with everybody the same
day in the final round.
As one operator / station is located at the same time in one country, 
one continent and one world,
obviously the world winner wins the 3 trophies at the same time.
That's why the CQ trophy rule sounds fair to me.   It looks obvious (at 
least to me) that the trophy
you win displays your highest level of achievement: world, continental 
or country LEVEL.

73 from Descartes country

Jacques, F6BEE

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