[CQ-Contest] WPX Plaques - Who should win them?

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 2 19:00:58 PST 2009

Richard, if  that were to happen, then I would have taken 2nd World, 2nd 
N.A., 2nd USA, etc.

My accomplishment would have been 2nd to yours.  I would be very proud of 

You should be recognized as Top in all categories you won, and I would not 
have earned or accomplished being Top in any of them.  I would not want a 
plaque which proclamed otherwise.

I actually did receive some sort of certificate for a higher place than I 
earned, in this same sort of situation, for some contest in the 80s as 
K5UCV.  The certificate did not mean much to me because it claimed I had won 
something which I did not actually win.  I never hung it on my wall.  In my 
heart of hearts, I knew I did not deserve it.

My sense is that if the sponsors inflate the supply of awards, then the 
value of each reward is reduced.


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> What if you were the second highest scoring station in the world behind me 
> and we were both in Texas?
> You say then you don't want your outstanding effort to be recognized?
> I would have enough wood to build a tree and you would have nothing, nada, 
> zippo. Even after all that great effort.
> How many years would this need to happen before you decided you didn't 
> want to work this contest anymore?
> It isn't fair for your effort to go unrewarded. And the contest will 
> suffer as a result.
> 73, Richard - K5NA
> At 02:16 3/3/2009, Russell Hill wrote:
>>Richard, if I were the 2nd top Texas station, I would be happy to receive 
>>recognition for the extraordinary effort required for that accomplishment.
>>If you were the Top Texas station, then you should win the Top Texas 
>>trophy, be it a wooden plaque or whatever.
>>If you were also the top W5, Zone 4, USA, and world, that would not make 
>>me the Top Texas station.  That would still be your accomplishment.
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>>>I guess I will take the unpopular position and say that I like the
>>>plaque methodology that is already in place.
>>>There is just a limited amount of money available for plaques.
>>>To change to a winner-take-all for plaques would discourage some
>>>participation and fail to recognize some extraordinary efforts from
>>>other operators.
>>>If I were to win the world-high, USA-high, Zone 4, W5 area, and top
>>>Texas station plaques, I would be very happy receiving just the World
>>>plaque. Why not share the wealth with others that made outstanding 
>>>Just how much wood do you want hanging on your wall anyway?
>>>73, Richard - K5NA
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