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You can always check your log data and see if the 'guest op' really WAS 4 Khz away from the SSTV frequency...if you so desired.


---- David Kopacz <david.kopacz at aspwebhosting.com> wrote: 
> I think the issue with amateurs using the "SSTV frequency" for non SSTV
> use is more benevolent than many believe. There isn't always an SSTV
> transmission taking place. Often when a contester, DX'er or rag chewer
> uses the "unoccupied frequency", a few of the SSTV operators think they
> have a right to "take over" the frequency whenever they are ready to us
> it.
> There are plenty of "gentlemen" SSTV operators that will ask you to QSY
> and relinquish the frequency but there are those that either fire up
> their SSTV transmission on top of you or simply tell you to QSY because
> it is "their" frequency. I think there are a number or "type A"
> personalities that don't respond well when confronted in this manner,
> particularly when they legitimately have first use of the unoccupied
> frequency.
> I realize there are those that think one should never venture near or on
> the SSTV frequency unless operating SSTV, or that it's a "gentlemen's"
> agreement for SSTV use only, but I disagree. No gentlemen's agreement
> should be forced upon any amateur, although it is good operating
> practice to respect them and particularly to relinquish a frequency when
> asked to do so and given time to either finish your QSO or locate a new
> clear frequency.
> If I am asked to relinquish a frequency that is intended for a
> particular use or schedule, I simply ask the requesting party to enable
> me to finish my existing contact or find a clear frequency and then
> move. I always try to be brief and not carry out the conversation for a
> lengthy period as this would be inconsiderate. I have never had another
> amateur make this request and not grant me ample time to finish my QSO
> or more to another frequency.
> I believe this is the proper way to handle these situations.
> This past weekend it was brought to my attention that a 6Y1V operator
> was asked to move from the SSTV frequency and refused. I asked my guest
> operator and he claimed he was asked to move while operating 4Khz from
> the SSTV frequency. Since I only have one side of the story and the
> contest is over there is little I can do, however, I can do something in
> the future.
> As the owner of a multi-op contest station with a revolving guest
> operator list, I have discovered that I have a higher responsibility to
> lay down some ground rules for operators visiting my station. Besides
> that standard rules of no eating or smoking in the shack, I am now
> making a list of common courtesy "rules" such as stay at least 3Khz from
> the SSTV frequency when operating in the general class portion of the 20
> meter band and stay out of the CW and digital portion of the 40 meters
> band.
> Perhaps a list of such "rules" would be a good edition, if not already a
> part of, the ethics portion of the Contest University. It certainly
> couldn't hurt to have a list of "do's and don'ts" for guest operators of
> multi-op stations.
> David ~ KY1V
> Think of it this way Hank - those folks who think they *have* to stay  
> on 14230 aren't moving to other frequencies and depriving you of   
> places to operate other than 14230. You're winning that one!
> -73 de Mike N3LI -
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