[CQ-Contest] Operating Suggestion for Multi-Op Contest Stations

David Kopacz david.kopacz at aspwebhosting.com
Wed Mar 11 07:28:51 PDT 2009

That is certainly my experience at the various multi-op stations I have
worked from. When I leave the chair, the meter is usually on ALC. When I
get back to the chair, it is invariably on PWR :)

73 de Duncan EA5ON


Duncan, the same is true for my station. In fact, with the IC-7800 you
can push and hold the meter softkey and ALL meters are simultaneously
displayed on the bottom of the screen where the bandscope is normally

On a few rare occasions, I have walked up to a radio being operated by a
guest, pushed the meter function and readjusted the settings for PWR,
MIC [ALC], and compression to acceptable values. 

6Y1V is known for not only a loud signal, but a very good, clean signal
with excellent audio. I prefer to keep it that way. Besides, using 5db
of WIDE 2.9Khz compression with 70% ALC not only produces a nice clean
signal, it helps keep the riff raff off your bandpass edges. In
addition, I always use the Heil HC5 over the HC4 elements.

Now, if I could only get more people to understand that attenuation and
RF gain helps receive weaker signals in a QRM infested band, we could
continue to get higher rates. For some reason, inexperienced ops seem to
think that using attenuation and RF gain is counterintuitive to using
large stacked arrays. It is not.

David ~ KY1V

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