[CQ-Contest] RDXC Log Checking

Ed Steeble esteeble at sc.rr.com
Fri Mar 13 07:23:16 PDT 2009

After reading all the back and forth comments generated by K5ZD about
the RDXC log checking I think that we need a new contest which has a
new exchange or a contest with a modified exchange. Namely, a contest
with a software generated checksum to be sent back in acknowledgment of
the exchange. The checksum insures accuracy.

I propose that the software programs be revised to compute a simple
check sum from a public algorithm. The check sum would be computed from
the sender's QSOs date (YYYY/MM/DD - Zulu date), time (in hhmm - Zulu
time), band (in meters), call sign worked, and exchange sent (maybe RST
and serial number).

For example, a contest that requires RST and serial number.

K3IXD calls CQ.

K5ZD answers him.

K3IXD sends on 20m at 2009/03/12 1359z:
K5ZD 599 025 K3IXD (and K3IXD software computes a checksum based on what
he sent).

In reply K5ZD sends on 20m at 2009/03/12, 1400z:
K3IXD 599 060 ab45 K5ZD (his software has computed a checksum on what he
copied. Also the software computed a checksum based on what K3IXD sent.
That will be compared to what K5ZD receives from K3IXD in the following

If K3IXD receives a checksum that matches what his software expects, he
K5ZD fj98 K3IXD (the checksum computed from what K3IXD copied)
else K3IXD retransmit his original exchange, but not with a new QSO

If that matches what K5ZD software expects, K5ZD replies:

K3IXD calls CQ

This would be a good contest for improving coping of call signs and 
exchanges. The negative is the contester couldn't log the casual 
operator who dropped by to hand out a QSO, to work DX, or maybe states 
for Triple Play award. However, there could be a special (null) check 
sum value for those situations.

The WAE already has contesters sending QSO information back but to
another station. All :-) it would take is for some sponsor to require a 
checksum exchange and one or more software developers to implement it.

73, Ed

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