[CQ-Contest] Do all contest participants need to follow the rules?

James Duffey JamesDuffey at comcast.net
Sat Mar 14 09:24:39 PDT 2009

Ed - As part of the comments on the K1TTT spotting report, you wrote  
(in part):
"Self Spotters don't "cheat" unless they enter the contest by  
submitting a log."
Does this imply that the only participants in a contest that have to  
follow the rules are those who submit logs? It is clear that  
submitting a log is the only way rule violators can be sanctioned by  
the sponsors, but if those operators not following the rules gives  
those that do submit logs an advantage, is it still OK to say that you  
need to follow the rules only if you intend to submit a log?  
Obviously, this applies to several areas of the rules, not just self  
spotting. - Duffey
James Duffey
Cedar Crest NM

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