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I for one would like to see a category for low band or high band only,,,,,,160,80,40 then the hi bands 20, 15, 10, what a great way to play the sunspots!  come on lets have some variety here!


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>Doug Turnbull wrote:
>> I sometimes wish to enter a major contest such as the CQ or ARRL tests
>> single band.   The choice might be 160 M while at other times I would pick
>> 20 M or 15 M.   Often my choice is such that it is not necessary to operate
>> for the whole forty-eight hours which my 65 year body increasingly dislikes.
>> It would be nice to be able to dip into 160M when choosing to operate single
>> band on 15 M or 10 M or vice versa.   Can this be done and still maintain a
>> single band entry?   If so how is it done?   Other than administration
>> difficulties I can not see why this should be discouraged.   Thanking you in
>> advance for any info.
>>                                73 Doug EI2CN 
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>As far as I am aware, all the major contests encourage single band 
>entrants to log everyone they work on another band for logchecking 
>purposes, but the logchecking software only credits contacts made on the 
>single band selected in the CATEGORY in the header.
>Please submit a complete log for all contacts made on all bands. 
>Otherwise, the stations you work on the other bands will be penalized 
>for having made the contact with you.  The logchecking software will 
>ignore the contacts on the other bands for your score determination, but 
>will use those QSOs for cross checking the other logs.
>Doug, apparently this is the answer you wanted and I believe it is the 
>course to follow.  73, John, K4BAI.
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Joe Hypnarowski

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