[CQ-Contest] WPX FAQ - Single op off times

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Mon Mar 16 17:37:11 PDT 2009

This is a "chicken and egg" issue that is kind of fun to noodle around.

There are two rules in play:
- Operate a maximum of 36 hours
- Off times must be minimum of 60 minutes

The question is which is more important?

My interpretation (and the way the WPX log checking is done) is that
operating time is the most important. The off time rule is just to create
some consistency and structure.

The contest begins when the first QSO is made.  That starts the "operating

To provide some definition around the meaning of off time the 60 minute
minimum rule was created.  It only says that once you start operating, you
must not make a QSO for 60 minutes in order for it to count as off time.  

So think of the "operating clock" as stopping when you are in an off time.
The "operating clock" restarts when you make a QSO.

The contest ends when the "operating clock" reaches 36 hours of operation.
Anything in the log after 36 operating hours is not counted.

So the length of time before you start and the length of time after your 36
hours is up do not matter because they do not impact the "operating clock."

Randy, K5ZD

PS - Only 10 days and 23 hours until WPX SSB!

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> >From the CQ WPX FAQ site:
> Single operators must take 12 hours off during the contest.  
> How are off times calculated?
> Single operator entries are permitted a maximum operating 
> time of 36 hours. Off times must be a minimum of 60 minutes. 
> The 60 minute period is defined the same as the 10-minute 
> rule described above. If your last QSO before an off time is 
> at 09:27, you may not make another QSO until 10:27.
> Off times can be of any length. For example, you can have 
> breaks of 1 hour, 4 hours, and 7 hours. Or you can take all 
> of your off time in one 12 hour break. If you take a break 
> that is less than 60 minutes, this time will count as operating time.
> Any QSOs in your log after 36 hours of operating time will be 
> removed without penalty during the log checking.  The rules 
> no longer require you to submit the list of off time periods 
> in your log. The log checking software will do the off time 
> calculations.
> _________________________
> This means that if you start the contest at 0059z that you 
> cannot count the first 59 minutes as off time.
> Similarly, if you make your last QSO at 2301z you cannot  
> count the last 59 minutes as off time.
> You need to remember this when taking your off times in the 
> middle of the contest.
> However, the last section from the FAQ above seems to suggest 
> the following counter examples:
> example 1:
> operate from 0000-2359z - 24 hours operating time off time 
> from 0000-1130z - 11:30 off time operate from 1131-2359z - 
> more than 12 hours operating time  so last 29 minutes QSOs 
> removed with no penalty to bring down to 36 hours total 
> operating time.  
> example 2: 
> operate from 0000-2359z - 24 hours operating time off time 
> from 0000-1130z - 11:30 off time operate from 1131-2330z - 
> Finish 36 hours allowed operating time.
> But now  the last 29 minutes are too short to be an off time 
> - see second section in FAQ - minimum 60 minutes off time.
> Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9  aka KS9K
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