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Robert Naumann w5ov at w5ov.com
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Many of you may be shaking your heads at what W7DRA says below.

Here's the key from the CQWW rules: "First-place certificates will be
awarded in each category listed under Sec. III in every participating
country and in each call area of the United States, Canada, European Russia,
Spain, and Japan".

Keeping that in mind, his point about the 13 hours is that the rules in CQWW
require single ops to "show a minimum of 12 hours of operation" in order to
be "eligible for an award".


Bob W5OV

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as Tree says...............

> and we "allow" 29 of them to be counted as a break (when the minimum 
> is 30 
> minutes).  > 

so in this case, and reviewing my 2005 CQWW effort (i will send you my
2005 CQWW photo story if you wish)  i quote: "24 stations worked in 13
hours" meant there were many hours in the contest that i did not work a
station in 29 minutes

so, we are back to dupes again. and since the end of my beverage is
almost in N6RO's back yard (that is what it sounds like), i work him
every 20 minutes or so to keep the rate up to assure the 29 minute rule
is met?

i guess it is all about honesty, if i say i was siting in the chair for
13 hours, i was sitting in the chair for 13 hours

mike w7dra
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