[CQ-Contest] QSO Party Comment Summary

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Thu Mar 19 10:19:05 PDT 2009

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments, they were very good!

73 Scott W2LC
W2LC at arrl.org

QSO Party Comments & Suggestions

Do not use CQP or PAQP weekend (I think that’s a given)
Fall is hunting season I won’t operate
Use the 7QP weekend and do not use the 7QP weekend were suggested
Use the NJQP weekend so that NY and NJ are together
Keep the operating classes simple
Use a shorter time period like 10-12 hours
Use the June VHF QSO Party weekend (No, I op VHF too)
Use Labor Day weekend (Not real good, the New York State Fair ends on Labor Day and gets 1 millions plus visitors that week, and about 300,000 over labor day weekend)
Do not copy PAQP rules or CQP rules, do something different
Use the same date as the NEQP (probably not)
Encourage CW QSO’s
Get logging program people on board
One comment of:  “why do it at all? I won’t operate anyway”
Don’t copy the VE sections of the PAQP
No complex scoring
No bonus stations
A NY QP is overdue (thanks, I think so too)
Sponsors will take a lot of work
It will take awhile to get going
Work hard to get every possible station on the air
How about a coast-to-coast QSO party? (that would be one heck of a county abbreviation list)
Lump the 5 NY city counties into one (1) multiplier (I don’t like that idea)
Success of a QSO party is proportional to the number of mobiles (I plan to do some rare NNY counties myself)
A possible clean sweep of counties is exciting (I agree, I'll be in NNY giving out a few rare ones)
I want to drive to NY to operate in the NYQP so avoid the PAQP (thanks, please do)
Do not do serial numbers
Do not allow more than one county per QSO
Use April 20th, or the closest weekend the date of the New York State constitution (interesting idea)
Don’t use CQWW weekends (I’m not sure if this was serious or not, to quote my teenage daughter “duh !”. Sorry any comment is a good comment, but I couldn’t resist.)
Get input from all of NY
Require mobiles to sign call/county
Avoid major sporting events
Enlist the support of NY contest clubs
Set-up a web page listing county expeditions (good idea)
Select modes and bands carefully
Do not allow in state QSO’s like CQP (I like the idea of NY being able to work NY. Does CQP really not allow in state QSO’s ?)
Accept Cabrillo files only
Task someone with publicity
Make sure the NY clubs know you’re having a QSO party (I think this is a dupe)
Keep the exchange simple
Brow beat NY ops to send in logs
Do not rotate sponsorship year to year (that was somewhat successful in the paper log era, but I agree with you)
Get NYQP into contesting logging software (another a dupe I think)
Don’t pick mother’s day weekend
Use either the ARRL or RAC VE section list

Thanks again !

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