[CQ-Contest] multi-contesting

Dick Frey - K4XU k4xu at arrl.net
Sat Mar 21 22:18:58 PDT 2009

I tried to play in all three state QP's but was frustrated by VA's 
requirement for a SN. I got N1MM to accept all the different county 
exchanges by modifying the QSOParty.sec file. But when I worked a VA 
station it would not take the number so I just copied the county and 
will not turn in the VA log. Most were happy to get my OR mult.

While I agree that the RST=599 part of the exchange is completely 
superfluous, unless all the concurrent weekend parties replace it with a 
serial number, you're odd man out, Virginia.

The Oregon party, now 7QP, had SN in the exchange until the NEQP 
started. We decided to change so NEQP, IN and 7QP would all use RST. The 
results have proved beneficial to all.



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