[CQ-Contest] 40m changed forever

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Tue Mar 31 05:28:10 PDT 2009

Reports here of our country's disregard for recent changes to the
Table of Frequencies of the ITU-RR are greatly appreciated.

The matter has been raised with Hongkong's telecom authority, as
we were led to believe we would not have to share 7100-7200 kc
with the broadcast service after 2009-03-29.

If we are not mistaken, amateurs around the world were also led
to believe that we would not have to share this portion of the band
with the broadcast service after that date.

It would help us all if amateurs who hear broadcast service stations
still using 7100-7200 kc after 2009-03-29 were to raise formal
complaints with their respective telecom authorities.  This is the
only real mechanism we have to effect change.

Meanwhile, please spot these intruders - for the past several years
I have assisted VU2UR with the IARU Region 3 Monitoring System
& sadly, by design MS achieves nothing, its purpose is only to
report the problem.  With few reports, then there is not much of a
problem.  Every month I harvest intruder spots in the hopes that one
day it will finally dawn on our international organization & its
members that the biggest threat to amateur radio is the loss of the
use of spectrum due to the blatant disregard for ITU provisions by
pretty much every country on the planet.

Spectrum is the basis of all amateur activity - defend it or loose it.

73, ex-VR2BG/p
Hongkong Radio Sports Association.

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