[CQ-Contest] Callsign "appendages" in QSO party logs

Aldewey at aol.com Aldewey at aol.com
Sat May 2 12:55:50 PDT 2009

In the early days of the Minnesota QSO Party, we tried to get by with two 
letter county abbreviations.  So the mobiles were signing things like /SV , 
/RA, /OT , etc.  We had guys tell us we were illegal because we were signing 
prefixes of other countries.  They may have had a point but it seemed like 
kind of a stretch.  
Now I think all QSO parties use 3 (or more) letter counties.  I wouldn't 
think of being a rover without signing the county after my call.
By the way, a funny thing happened in those "2 character county" days in 
MNQP.  Abbreviation for Becker County was BK.  Mobiles would send something 
like "Mike BK" and almost everyone ask for a repeat on the county.  Sort of 
like a "Who's on first" routine.
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