[CQ-Contest] Callsign "appendages" in QSO party logs

B. Scott Andersen bsandersen at mac.com
Sun May 3 06:14:06 PDT 2009

I use my call sign NE1RD/1 when operating from Georges Island
in Boston Harbor during the RGSB IOTA contest and other times.
The island has the IOTA identifier NA-148 and, though only a
handful of mile from my home, I really do want to treat it separately
in my logs, on LoTW, and eQSL. There is a distinction and I want
to preserve it.

-- Scott (NE1RD)

Tom Macon wrote:
It seems to be common practice to append  /M, /P or /9 (call area) to  
calls.  I'm wondering, what is the value of this?  I don't see that  
appendages contain useful information, at least for WIQP

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