[CQ-Contest] [SMC] 351st Annual SMC Hooters Wing Party & Fashion Show

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Wed May 6 14:57:47 PDT 2009

No, no, no!

We are much better dressed than that.  No CB crap.

We support Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, and other charity resale shops with our purchases.

Then we recycle them.  We also like to use some imagination, er, rather wild imagination, though.

Go to Paul's link to his pix, and you'll see what we mean.

Also, we bathe regularly 'cuz we like each other's company.  :-)

73, Gerry, K8GT, formerly K8QLK, celebrating my 50th anniversary in ham radio, DXing, contesting and still lovin' it.

---- Brian Smith <back4smith at gmail.com> wrote: 

Paul Gentry wrote:
> http://www.teamcramp.com/hooters/
> You're Invited to the 2009 Hams-n-Hooters Spring Fashion Show & Wing Party!
> Showcasing the Best in Hamvention Couture !
> Brought to you by K9PG and K5NZ and benefiting the SMC.
> Sponsored by Array Solutions, Best Dressed Vendor at Dayton!
> Thursday evening May 14 6:30pm.
> 6851 Miller Lane
> Dayton, OH 45414
> 937-890-0467
> http://hooters.know-where.com/hooters/cgi/site?site=469&address=&design=default&lang=en&mapid=US
> This year we are honored to welcome our guest judge straight from Detmold,
> the Savile Row of Germany!  Maik Groene, DL2AA, the Bespoke Tailor of Haute
> Hamwear and Finanzier des Regierungsbezirk Detmold, will be challenged to
> select a winner from this year's lineup of exciting fresh Ham looks for
> 2009.  Our contestants will be setting the porcine standard in Hamfest
> Fashion and defining the cutting edge of DX-Pedition Couture with their
> Spring Lines.  You have a little over a week to stop by your local GoodWill
> store and choose your best combination of lime green sport coat with neon
> pink & orange Hawaiian shirt with a Beavis & Butthead tie... and some
> colorful pants would be striking as well!
> This years winners, as chosen by the Honorable DL2AA and his Aides-de Camp
> (also known as Hooters girls) will receive Fabulous Prizes generously
> donated by WX0B - Array Solutions http://www.arraysolutions.com  & W9XT -
> Unified Microsystems  http://www.unifiedmicro.com  , whose support of this
> event speaks volumes about their commitment not only to Contest Product
> Quality, but to Contester Couture! Make sure to stop by the Array Solutions
> Booth #620 and thank them for their support... and if you see W9XT roaming
> around, be sure to thank him as well (no booth this year for him).
> In addition to the grand prize, the winner will walk away with the coveted
> Pink Jacket (assuming last years winner W9RE brings it with him... don't
> forget it Mike!)
> I'm sure you'll be able to find a ride from the Crowne if you're in the
> lobby around 6ish.   And we should be getting wings again this year.... just
> not entirely sure how many... we only went through 350 of the 500 we were
> supposed to get last year... hopefully we'll get enough to satisfy
> everyone's needs.
> Here's lots of pix from last year's event!
> http://picasaweb.google.com/PaulK9PG/Dayton2008
> Email me with questions.
> Paul (at) k9pg.com
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So, is the goal to try to dress like the majority of hamvention attendees?

I'll have to find some red suspenders and iron my callsign onto a 
snapback ball cap and check with MFJ for an HT headset...and whew this 
could be costly.  Where do you buy those things?  There is no cost in 
failing to shave or bathe for a few days, but the rest will take some 

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