[CQ-Contest] Contesters Help Needed

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Fri May 8 23:10:22 PDT 2009

As we work on adding content to the Contesting Compendium 
(http://wiki.contesting.com), we're experimenting with ways of using 
multi-media to improve communication.  For example, in our section on 
S&P Techniques, we have begun using excerpts from actual contest 
recordings to illustrate good techniques.  Take a look at 
(http://wiki.contesting.com/index.php/Search_%26_Pounce_Techniques  - 
note the underlining between what look like separate words, and the 
use of "%26" instead of an ampersand) to see an example.

We'd like contesters' opinions on the use of this technique.  Is the 
recording clear enough?  If not, what is wrong with it?  Do you find 
it helps communicate the points we're trying to make, or is it an 
unnecessary complication?

Speaking of communication, we'd also appreciate comment on the 
general use of language in articles like this one, because we aim to 
communicate with contesters whose first language is not English.  Is 
it too colloquial?  Would it be better to be more formal, and to try 
harder to simplify the style?

You can either write directly to me (off the reflector, please) or 
make any comments on the "discussion" page that accompanies each page 
of the Compendium.  We want to get this right.


73, Pete N4ZR
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