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Ed Steeble esteeble at sc.rr.com
Sun May 10 08:47:35 PDT 2009

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Subject: Calls in Volta RTTY Test
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 11:45:02 -0400
From: Ed Steeble <esteeble at sc.rr.com>
To: contest <contest at mailman.qth.net>, rtty <rtty at contesting.com>
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As I read the rules and FAQ <http://www.contestvolta.it/>, there are
points for working each US section other than your own call area. Thus
if operating outside the area indicated in your call sign, that station
needs to sign "/call area"; that is, I signed K3IXD/4 since I now live
in SC.

I remember two stations that were not in their call area zone but I
didn't know that until I received their zone. When I didn't received the
expected zone, I did a double take. These were not stations whose area
is in two different zones.

I wonder how the sponsors will score them?

There were several stations that didn't want to add the "/4" to my call.
I tried to correct them.

And there were a lot of US and DX calls that weren't in the Master
Database. Welcome to RTTY contesting.

73, Ed
K3IXD/4 in Volta RTTY test

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