[CQ-Contest] 2009 Dayton CTU

Mon May 18 15:45:43 PDT 2009

Here here!  I echo Mike's thoughts. It was my first CTU and I feel like I'm
ready for the "big leagues" after that experience. 
Everyone did an excellent job - organizing and getting the material
contained in the course book together - it was certainly a "labor of love"
which was most appreciated by those attending. Keep up the good work.
Thanks again to all.
Van W2DLT FRC member
Lords Valley, PA

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I would like to thank Tim Duffy, Directors, Professors, and the  Sponsors 
of the 2009 Dayton Contest University.  I have made all three at  Dayton and

feel each time that it added to the Dayton experience!  The open  sharing of

their time and experience is very much appreciated.  If you have  never 
attended, put it on your list next year!
mike k5nz
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