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I seem to recall an article in CQ (maybe QST) a while back on this subject. The person in that article suggested the best thing is to be in decent shape and exercise regularly. I have to admit that when I have been doing a lot of exercise (read yard work and walking), not only do I sleep better before contests, but find it easier to stay awake during contests.

I have used a B complex plus C, but not to stay awake, more to offset any possible things like a cold and stress.

My favorite substances to abuse during a contest involve sugar and/or caffeine or something chewy during CW events.

I do find getting out of the chair and stretching helps a lot. Thank god for the F1 key! ;o)

Oh, aspirin comes in handy from time to time too...

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> Hi Jeff,
> I am just wondering what your definition of "safe" is, with
> respect
> to the supplements and other things that you have taken.
> I ask this since quite a few so-called "safe" supplements,
> nutriceuticals, 
> etc.
> have been discovered to be quite harmful long after they
> were considered
> "safe".
> As you probably know, the FDA does NOT test the safety of
> nutriceuticals,
> herbs and other supplements so there is no "official" word
> on many of the 
> things
> that are sold over the counter for use by the public.
> In addition, quite often, herbs, supplements and
> neutriceuticals can affect 
> the
> absorption and metabolism of prescription meds with quite
> unpredictable
> and potentially disasterous consequences, not even
> considering the added 
> effects
> from a weakened body and mind as a result of sleep
> deprivation PLUS
> the stress of contesting!
> As a veteran of more than 150 48 hour SOABHP All band
> contests with less
> than 2 hours of sleep, and who has (unfortunately)
> experienced 
> hallucinations,
> cardiac arrhythmia and other scary effects WITHOUT 
> using anything stronger
> than caffeine or No-Doz, the last thing that anyone should
> consider is 
> adding
> an unknown to the equation when they are most vulnerable
> medically.
> Less risky alternatives would be a good multi-vitamin plus
> B-Vitamin 
> supplement
> combined with some extra Vitamin C.  But even this is
> not necessarily safe 
> for everyone.
> Safer, and far more effective, is a natural low-fat and low
> sodium diet with 
> a variety
> of low-carb and protein rich foods, with plenty of
> Cranberry juice, fruits 
> and
> green leafy vegetables.  Easy to digest, and with
> plenty of energy.
> What you eat and drink during a contest has a far greater
> effect on 
> performance
> and the ability to stay alert than most people realize; and
> there is NO risk 
> for this
> kind of natural performance enhancement.  Of course,
> dropping 20-30 lbs
> before contest season starts can be just as
> effective.  :-)
> If someone is already taking prescription meds for high
> blood pressure,
> cholesterol reduction, diuretics, diabetes, etc., then they
> should refrain 
> from
> using anything without consulting a knowledgeable
> pharmacist and their 
> doctor.
> 73
> Bob KQ2M
> B.S. Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell Univ.
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