[CQ-Contest] Contesting Supplements

Robert L. Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Fri May 22 15:52:38 PDT 2009

> --John  W0UN
> (Trivia -- anyone recall who modified the church sign in Dayton about 20 
> years ago when "GOD" had a slash bar added to the O to make it a ZERO?)

No, but I DO remember the callsign of the person who threw furniture out the 
hotel window and
the callsign of the annual midnight lightbulb eater at the Admiral Bimbo 
(Benbow) hotel.

And then there was the time that one of more well-known contesters was 
getting "shock-therapy"
while twirling a wire off the 12th floor balcony during Sprint.

Bob KQ2M

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